Corporate Photography

Corporate photography covers a broad spectrum and requires a photographer with a range of skills and experience.

Corporate photography, also known as business photography or institutional photography, includes corporate headshots and executive portraits, as well as creating images to be used across a range of media and for a multitude of purposes.

Corporate photos are used in all sorts of corporate communications, both internal and external. They feature on websites and in social media. They are used in annual reports and in marketing collateral. They are distributed to media organisations and they are used for staff motivation and training.


I have covered a huge range of assignments over the years, from the factory floor to the boardroom and everything in between.

One day I might shoot a welder in the morning and the CEO of a global company in the afternoon.

On another day I might start on a production line, move on to a warehouse to shoot the logistics and distribution operations, before heading into the offices to photograph marketing, sales, and management teams.


In every assignment I use the skills that I’ve developed and honed over more than a decade in the industry to get consistently great results for my clients.

It starts with planning and logistics, to make sure things run smoothly. This includes back up options so I’m ready when life throws a curveball.

At the same time I have the flexibility to change direction and the nimbleness to find a solution no matter what.

Corporate photographers like me need great people skills. Sometimes I need to negotiate with multiple stakeholders to make things happen. At other times it’s about making people feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera when that’s the last place they want to be.

And corporate photography requires the right technical skills and gear to realise a vision and turn ideas into compelling images.

Bringing together these skills means that I am able to help my clients with their corporate and stakeholder communication.


I’ve worked in just about every business and corporate environment, across many industries, and ranging in size from small local businesses to huge multinationals. Chances are, whatever images you’re looking for, I’ve delivered them before.

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